A series of urns made from soil

Almost nothing is as moving as the encounter with death. But still the burial is mostly very standardised and has to follow many restrictions. Could a burial be more personal and could the scenario of a funeral encorporate the idea that the deceased is at a place called home after death? Home is the place where
we feel most comfortable and secure. It is the place where we want to be when we are sick or even where we want to die. But being burried at home brings many restrictions and problems with it. So why not bringing the home athmosphere to the graveyard?

The urns are made out of the the typical limburgian soil called Löss. The soil will be taken from the place the deceased lived on before. So poeple will be covered with their own ground, representing home. After the burrial the urns will become one with the surrounding earth and become part of the circle of life and death.

The stickiness of the Löss allows to shape objects by using a pressmold. After drying out the urns become compact and strong so they don‘t have to be fired.

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